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For the Future: The Scholarship Campaign for Penn State Students

Donate today to become a part of this milestone campaign!!!

As part of For the Future:  The Campaign for Penn State Students, the University has challenged the local PSU MontCo Alumni Chapter to participate in the most ambitious fundraising campaign in our Chapter's history.  Ensuring student access and opportunity through scholarship support is one of the key campaign objectives.

Beginning in May 2010, the PSU MontCo Alumni Chapter has launched a 4-year fundraising campaign to grow our scholarship endowment by $18,000!  We have raised the $18,000 needed for this goal, but the more the raise, the higher our scholarships can be.

Our scholarship program helps the University to achieve its goal of ensuring that future Montgomery County students can afford Penn State, without incurring massive debt following their graduation.

Click here for a list of our $50 and $100 donors! 

PSU MontCo Scholarship Program Details:

Scholarship Qualifications:
(1) Be a resident of Montgomery County, PA
(2) Be a Full-Time undergraduate student of Penn State University, with Sophomore standing or higher at the beginning of the fall semester
(3) Be ranked in the top selected percentile of all eligible students in Montgomery County according to cumulative GPA, at the time that the data is obtained from the University's Office of Student Aid, for the scholarship application year
(4) *Be a dependent (i.e. son/daughter) of an active PSU Montgomery County Alumni Chapter Member with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (Must meet qualification #'s 1 and 2 above, at the time that the data is obtained from the University's Office of Student Aid)*

*Active Chapter Members will receive an email when the scholarship application is available for distribution. The email will instruct members with dependents, that meet the criteria above, on how they can apply for the scholarship. After applying, the scholarship candidate(s) will follow the same election process as all applicants.

Scholarship Applications are sent (via email) in May of each year.  A decision on the scholarship recipient(s) is made by the end of June of each calendar year. Funds are awarded  for use during the Fall semester for our winner(s).

Are you Interested in Donating to our Scholarship Fund??? 
Contributing to our scholarship fund is simple.  To donate using our online secured payment system, simply select one of the donation amounts below and follow the instructions for payment.  If you would like to contribute an amount that is not currently listed below, please contact our Scholarship Director at 
scholarship@psumontco.com for details.

$25 Donation - Click Here               $250 Donation - Click Here

$50 Donation - Click Here               $500 Donation - Click Here

$100 Donation - Click Here            $1,000 Donation - Click Here

OR Choose your own amount - Click Here

If you prefer to contribute to our fund using a personal check, please send your check, made payable to
"Penn State Alumni Association - Montgomery County Chapter", to the address below:

PSAA - Montgomery County Chapter
P.O. Box 1031

Blue Bell, PA 19422

In order to ensure that the funds are deposited appropriately into our scholarship endowment account, please write Giving Code SXXM5 in the memo line of your check. 

We Thank you for your support! 

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